How to Do: Your own personalized Wrapping paper

In this special time of the year you exchange gifts with family and friends; wouldn´t be nice to add that extra something spacial and customize the wrapping paper of your gifts? 

With this tutorial, I´ll show all the things you need to start creating your own beautiful wrapping paper.

You are going to need:

  • Craft paper
  • Inks pads in blue, white and brown (I used Versamagic chalk effect)
  • A variety of stamps
  • Baker twine
  • A Gift tag
gift wrap paper DIY

The design I´m doing today is inspired in Frozen, my girls love that movie and its a great theme for Christmas wrapping paper or Frozen theme party. So I´m going to use snowflakes, reindeer like Sven and stars.  

Visualized how you want your pattern to look like, for example, full of snowflakes or maybe predominant reindeer. For my design, I decided that snowflakes would be the base of my pattern for this gift wrapping paper.

We started expanding our craft paper on the table.

gift wrap paper DIY

For this design I started using a stamp I carved with snowflake shape. Start by stamping snowflakes scattered in white, then some more scatter snowflakes in a pale blue ink and finishing with a darker blue ink.

gift wrap paper DIY

Tip: Always remember to visualize the final design you want to achieve. You can practice in a sheet of paper before doing it on the craft paper if you want. 

Next, comes the reindeer, with a brown ink pad, gently apply the ink to your stamp. So I scatter some readers filling blank spaces between the snowflakes.

gift wrap paper DIY

Just to finish Up I added a star, as a may focus point, just like the North Star! Once we finished with our design we need to wait for the wrapping paper to dry completely before wrapping the gift.

gift wrap paper DIY

We give some finishing touches with baker twine in a matching color and a gift tag.

gift wrap paper DIY

And we are ready for the celebration, party or to hide the gift until Santa delivers them! After this, I assure you, that you will become the wrapping Elf of family and friends.

Remember to leave a comment below if you have any question, I´m more than happy to help!



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gift wrap paper DIY