How to Create: Decorative decals with Washi tape

Oh, Washi tape! Japanese tape made out with rice paper, super versatile with an endless variety of colors and designs. This week I´ll  show you how to use these tapes to make decorative decals for the kid´s room.

For a while, I wanted to decorate with a bit of color a wall of my daughter´s bedrooms, so I thought that it was a great idea to use the tapes Washi to decorate them without the fuss of painting.

If you still do not know what washi tapes are, let me tell you a little bit before starting the project. These Japanese tapes are made of rice paper;  Washi means on Japanese rice paper. They were created by the company  MT Kamoi Kakoshi brand. Today you can find several brands on the market due to its popularity for craft projects.

They are great to use in any type of creative project you can imagine and have the great advantage that you can stick and take off again and again, without losing its shape or quality. So if you make a mistake, change your mind or design, rearrange and voila!

In this post, I'll show how I made a butterfly with Washis inspired by a drawing one of my daughters made at school. So bringing to life one of her drawing to decorate her room add a little of extra special to this decorative vinyl.

You will need to:

  • Washi tapes of colors and good quality (this will help to get a better finish, I use the MT brand)
  • Felt tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Greaseproof or Wax paper
Washitape DIY

We draw on paper the outline of the shape we want for our decorative vinyl, in my case,  I draw the butterfly silhouette.

Washitape DIY

Once we have the silhouette on paper, we begin to cover it with the Washi tape.  Cover the entire drawing; very important that when placing the tape, we overlap a few millimeters so that when finish you have one piece.

Washitape DIY

In the image below you can see how I have overlapped all the colors, as I was covering the butterfly silhouette with the tapes. Once ready with this step we turn the drawing to cut in this case the shape of a butterfly.

Washitape DIY

Once ready with this step we turn the drawing to cut in this case the shape of a butterfly.

Washitape DIY
Washitape DIY

And now our butterfly decorative vinyl is ready to go on the wall.

Now the real test! To stick it on the wall.

Start by peeling the waxed paper just like a would do with a giant sticker; with your finger or a cloth, we eliminate air bubbles.

Washitape DIY

I didn´t get right the first time, I got in the way a few air bubbles, but that is just normal. Just be paint patience, unstick carefully and stick again getting those air bubble our with the soft cloths. And just like nothing happen!

Gradually finish sticking the rest. Once you have your decorative vinyl on the wall you can add some details, I added antennas and body to the butterfly.

Washitape DIY

You can customize the kid´s room easily and can change it depending on the season, according to their hobbies or favorite character.

If you love crafting with washi tape take a look at this Mini Pin Buttons I created using washi tapes. Ideal for backpacks or denim jackets.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and try it yourself, do not forget to leave a comment below if you need any help. 

I think this butterfly is missing some flowers, don´t you think? I see an another project coming!



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Washitape DIY