Easy and quick valentine crafts with washi tape

February is really a special month, not only is because my mother’s birthday (Love you Mama!) but in general Love and Friendship is celebrated almost everywhere.   

So to celebrate Friendship and Love I have packed this blog post with crafty and creative ideas using washi tape that the whole family will enjoy doing.

valentine crafts

Normally cards are exchanged during this time of year with some candy, so today I will show an alternative to cards and no sugar involve! Yey! 

How about if we craft bookmark to exchange?  Not only you will be promoting the great habit of reading, but it will have a practical use.

Washi tape bookmarkers

For this bookmark, you will need:

  • Paper (150grms) or cardstock in you prefer color
  • Single-hole puncher
  • Washi tape of different colors
  • Ribbons or other accessories to decorate

First, we cut the paper (cardstock) to the size we want the book markers to be, normally a long rectangle.

valentine crafts with washi tape

Then with the single-hole puncher create a hole on the top of you bookmarker.

And now the fun part! Create random patterns with the washi tapes, creating your own little abstract art piece.  There are no right or wrong ways, simply create the pattern of your choice. 

valentine crafts with washi tape

You can overlap them as well as you can see in the picture below.

Tip: remember that washi tape is really easy to work with; you can unstick and reposition as many times as you want.

For the final touch, you can add ribbons or even a pom-pom for extra fluffiness

valentine crafts with washi tape

Since February is also the month to celebrate friendship (you have Galentine!), I thought it would be great to create friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelet

This valentine craft is as easy as it can be. You will need:

  • Gold elastic bands
  • Washi tape
valentine crafts with washi tape

That is it only 2 things! But you can always customize with craft or DIY materials you have around the house.

The elastics band that I bought came pre-cut, but it you buy them in a roll, just need to cut them to the length you want.

Grab your washi tape and cut several pieces of the same length. Grab one piece place the elastic band in the middle and fold. You will then a little rectangular flag.

valentine crafts with washi tape

You can leave as it is, or cut the washi tape in a triangle, the final result will be like a garland or bunting flag. Repeat as many times as you want to finish your friendship bracelet!

valentine crafts with washi tape
valentine crafts with washi tape
valentine crafts with washi tape

Friendship Hats

Since there no complete look without hair accessories, we are going to make a Friendship Hat!!

Yes, a Hat! In any celebration, there are always party hats, so this occasion was not going to be less.

To make to these friendship hats you will need:

  • Recycled toilets rolls (I recycle the cardstock where the Xmas wrapping paper, comes wrap in)
  • White water based paint
  • Brush
  • A variety of washi tapes
  • Elastic band
valentine crafts with washi tape

First, we cut the cardstock to the desired height for hats and by using glue dots, I made a cylinder shape. You can use glue or staples as well.

valentine crafts with washi tape

Tip: If you are using toilets rolls, there is no need for the previous step, just go ahead to paint the rolls white. 

Once we have our rolls ready, we paint them with the water based paint. I choose white but can paint them in any color you want.  Red or pink will look great as well.

Love working with water based paints since they wash off really easy from the kid’s hands and is also easy to clean.

I left the first coat of paint dry and gave the second one. Once the second coat of paint is dry, we can start decorating.

valentine crafts with washi tape

I used the same color combination that I used for the bookmarks.

Again you can do random patterns, with the washi tapes to create your valentines friendship hats.

To give a more fun look to the hats, I added cut out hearts with some pipe cleaners. Just need a piece of washi tape to secure it to the hat.

valentine crafts with washi tape

The last step is to add an elastic band to hold it in place when you wearing your friendship hats.

valentine crafts with washi tape

Hope you enjoy doing these easy valentine craft and enjoy spreading the love and friendship. If you love working with washi tape, here are another post that you can read.

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If are looking for additional resources, signup here for my evergreen library. For Valentine, I have designed a party garland/bunting like the one in the image below and some cupcakes toppers to go with it, for you to download.

Valentine decoration