5 Reason Why you should get crafty with peg dolls

A couple of years ago I found these wood pegs dolls, which were like a blank canvas for you to create whatever you could think off.  I did a little bit of research I found the page of the St Fagan National History Museum and tell you about the long history of peg dolls; going back as far as the 18th to 19th century.

peg doll craft

During World War 2, toy making stopped and children got creative creating their own toys from what they found around the house. So the wood peg that people used to hang their clothes to dry plus a scrap of fabric and wool became the main source to create these dolls.

1. Promote imaginative play

Imaginative playing is how children practice and develop social skill as well as been independent, by letting their imagination fly, they put them self in different roles that will help them make sense of the world as well a learning to share and work with others. 

Peg Dolls are great for this purpose because they can create their own characters and they own situations to practice and develop their life skills. Little Miss Tinker Bell, is one of my daughter´s favorite character, we love their movies, especially the movie where she finds out she has a sister!

peg doll craft

2. Use any type of material

Since peg dolls are made out of wood, which is a very noble material, you can almost use any type of material you can imagine. You can paint them, of course, using different kinds of paints. So far I have tried acrylic paint, washable/finger paint, chalk paint and spray paint as well.

All of them give you a different finish and texture, so it would depend on the final you like. If for example, you are letting the kids paint by them self, if they are small like mine (2 and 5 years old) I would use the washable/finger paint.

Fabric, felt, ribbons, pompons, and wool you name it. With a little of mod podge or glue, you can add your favorite material.  I haven’t tried using a glue gun but I would image that it will work too. You can use these materials to dress them up, add hair bun made out of pompoms.

peg doll craft

3. Easy for kids to handle

Robust enough to not break, perfect size for those little hands, with rounded and smooth forms they adapt perfectly to their grip. Wood peg dolls come in different sizes, but I would recommend larger´s ones if there for small kids and always under adult supervision.

peg doll craft

4. Great for boys and girls

Pegs doll are gender neutral, they are a blank canvas, which you can use to create stories, with superheroes, knights, princess. So if you have boys and girls a home you can buy a bunch of them and let them decorate it with their favorite colors, patterns. It will be their little art masterpiece.

peg doll craft

5. Get even more crafty creating accessories for them

If you get you creative vibes going, you can create amazing accessories to with your peg doll. You only need your imagination.

Grab an old mini suitcase, recycled it and transform it into a dolls house or why note a shoe box and converted into a puppet theater where your children and you can play having endless hours of fun. Look at this snow globe for a cute polar bear!

peg doll craft

So here you have my 5 top reasons why you should get crafty with wood peg dolls. If you want to get started I have a mini-ebook in my free library resources, to get you started. Click here to signup here

Also, I have a Crafty Challenge: 12 Month of Peg Dolls. You can signup by click here. Each month you will receive in your inbox an email with a tutorial to create a Peg Doll, with themes and lots of options for you to personalized. Share your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #monmopegchallenge

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