How to Do: Pin Buttons with Washi tape

This week we are going to do a DIY to give a Christmas twist to backpacks, denim jackets and anything you can think off. These mini Pin Buttons are an original touch, that you can customize with your favorite Christmas patterns or motif.

To make these Pin Buttons you'll need:

  • Plastic Pin Buttons of 25mm in diameter
  • Washi tape with any Christmas patterns
  • Craft paper | Cupcakes capsules | Gift Wrap
  • Brown felt
  • Red pom pom
  • Pencil, scissors
  • Glue or glue gun

These plastic push in Pin Buttons are great because you don´t need a special tool or machine to assemble them.

Pin washitape buttons

These have 2 parts, a transparent circle, and a white plastic back with the safety pin. To ensemble, the Pin Buttons you just need to press the two part together and that is it.

Washi Pin Buttons

We start by covering with the washi tape covering the plastic clear circle on the outside. If our washi tape has a pattern, try to match our wash tape to make the unions less visible and achieve a better finish.

Pin washitape buttons

We cut out the excess of any washi tape and pop-in the circle on the back piece of plastic with the safety pin and already we have our first pin button!

Pin washitape buttonsPin washitape buttons
Pin washitape buttons

Paper Pin Buttons

For the next, we take either a cupcake case with any Christmas pattern or any wrapping paper that you might have left around the house.  We take the plastic circle of our pin button and place it on top of the paper and trace a circle around it and then cut it out.

Pin washitape buttons

We place the paper cut out inside the back piece of our pin button and then insert the clear plastic circle on top.

Pin washitape buttons

Rudolf The Reindeer Pin Button

Next, we are going to do a Rudolf the reindeer pin button.  We grab craft paper and trace around our plastic circle, the craft paper circle will be the base of our pin button. We place the craft paper circle inside of the back pice with the safety pin and then press the transparent circle on top.

Pin washitape buttons
Pin washitape buttons

With brown felt we make our reindeer antlers, we glue the antlers to the back of our pin button. To finish off our Rudolf the reindeer button, add a red pompom as Rudolf´s nose.

Pin washitape buttons

Surely the kids will have fun with this little Christmas project. You can also make a couple of this and use them as a stocking filler, or kids can give them out to friends at school. Just pin a couple of them on a nice card and write a little message.

So let´s get crafty, I would love to see all your pins. You can use the hashtag #monmoandco on Instagram so I can see all your beautiful pins. If you have any questions leave a comment below, I´ll be more than happy to help you out.



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Pin washitape buttons