How To Do: spring garden decorations

Hey there, this week we'll be making spring garden decorations, to celebrate that spring is here and days are getting brighter. Soon we will be ready for afternoons al fresco with the kids.  

So to celebrate that the good weather is coming our way, add a pop of color to your garden, patio or terrace. Let the kids help with this super easy and quick craft!

Spring Garden decorations

We are going to need:

  • Cotton fat quarter with spring color or patterns
  • Thick paper, I used 270grms
  • Baker twine
  • Paper straws

From each fat quarter you can make up to 4 triangles for the flags, so cut the fat quarter into 4 equal pieces. 

Take one paper straw and use it as a reference for size for the base of the triangle we are going to draw on paper.

spring garden decorations

Apply glue to one side of the paper triangle and cover it with the fabric making sure you leave enough fabric to cover later the paper straw.

spring garden decorations

Once we have cover one side of the triangle with the fabric,  turn onto the other side and with a hot glue gun, stick the paper straw. 

spring garden decorations

We cover the paper straw with the excess fabric.

spring garden decorations

Cut the excess fabric on the other sides. You can also choose to cover both sides with fabric or use colored paper that matches the color of the fabric you are using.

spring garden decorations

We almost have are spring garden decoration ready!

spring garden decorations

We use baker twine and thread it through the paper straw and do a little knot and now are flags are ready to hang in our garden. You can thread several of them together to make a garland as well.

spring garden decorations

You can add pompoms, flowers or any other decoration that matches your outdoor spring party.

I used pompoms and paper flowers. If you want to learn how to make these, have a look at this quick video tutorial I made. Paper flowers

spring garden decorations

Hope you start enjoying the good weather and sunny afternoons,  planning a colorful outdoor spring garden party or an easter egg hunt, whatever it is,  just have fun!



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