How To Do: Mini Coloring Booklet

Hello there! I can believe is already April! Time is flying! On April 22nd Earth Day is celebrated, and we are doing a mini coloring booklet.

I thought it would be great to give the month of April an earthy theme. Is important to teach our children about the planet we live in, nature and sustainability.

For this first post of the series, we are doing a Earth inspired mini coloring booklet, using recycling cards.

mini coloring booklet

My daughters love doodling and coloring, so a mini coloring booklet to go with them everywhere is a great idea to keep the entertain on the go.

So let´s get crafting!

Mini coloring Booklet

For this mini booklet, you are going to need

  • 1 card for each booklet you´ll be making
  • Sheets of paper
  • Staples


  • Acrylic paint
  • A small sponge
  • White Chalk paint marker

First, draw a half circle in the front of the card and cut out.  If you open flat, you will have a full circle.

mini coloring booklet

Next cut out paper sheets circles, these will become our mini booklet pages.

Tip: Cutout the paper sheets 0.5 cm smaller that the card circle. For example if outside circle is 15 cm of diameter, cut out the sheets 14.5 cm of diameter. Use a ruler to measure.

mini coloring booklet

Center the paper sheets in the middle of the card cutout circle and staple along the crease.

mini coloring booklet

Fold close and your mini coloring booklet is ready!

mini coloring booklet
mini coloring booklet

This part is optional but super fun. Personalizing your own booklet. I decided to decorate the outside with an earth inspired motif.

Use a white chalk paint marker, draw the continents shapes. I did it free handed, but you can use these covers or cut them out to trace the outline.

mini coloring booklet

Pour out a small amount of light blue acrylic paint and with a small sponge, paint the ocean. With yellow paint now, use the sponge to paint the inside of the continents.

mini coloring booklet
mini coloring booklet

Let it dry and let the coloring begin! How easy was that?

mini coloring booklet
mini coloring booklet

Hope you have fun doing these mini booklets. If you have any question leave a comment below!




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