How to Craft: Bowling game with Peg dolls

This week I bring you a fun DIY, mini bowling game made with wooden pegs. This game will be perfect for when the kids are on vacation and this mini bowling you can take it everywhere this holiday season.

For this DIY mini bowling game you'll need:

  • 10 wooden Pegs
  • Chalk paint of various colors
  • Pen
  • Brushes
  • Pencil

Optional: Styrofoam ball for the bowling ball, you can use as well any plastic ball you have around the house.

The first thing we do is draw our design with a pencil in our wooden pegs, as I wanted to be a little more fun than the typical pinstripes design; I opted for a simple design imitating a bear.

peg doll game

Tip: If we don´t like the design, just get an eraser to delete and back to drawing again.

I drew the bear design in all pegs. The next step is to paint, I used chalk paint in different colors, a brush and painted all the pegs. 

peg doll game

Once all pegs are painted, we wait until completely dry. Then with a marker,  do the details of the face of the bears, nose, eyes.

peg doll game

You can draw as much detail as you want, and if you can not ask the kids in the house that surely will have lots of fun ideas. You can make pins of pirates, ballerinas, animals or your kid´s favorite character.

In bowling each pin has a value, so with black ink and a number stamp set, I marked underneath the pins numbers 1 through 10.

peg doll game

To complete the game set, I made bowling styrofoam ball. With a pencil, I made three holes to the ball, then brown and black paint.

peg doll game

The Pins are ready for a strike!

peg doll game
peg doll game

Do not forget to leave your comment below with any questions or if you just want to say hello!

PS: Don´t forget to put them in a little box or bag to take them with you, these little fellows will entertain for hours! 



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peg doll game