A bit a about me...

Hello and welcome, I´m so thrilled to have you here! I am Carla founder of Monmo & Co, conceived as a community for 9 to 5 working moms who want to share and enjoy little creative moments with the kids and family.

If you love to create either with paper, washi tapes, glue, paints and scissors then you are in the right place. There's nothing like to disconnect from the fast pace world and enjoy time with our kids creating little masterpieces.

Long working hours during the day, all week and have no idea how to spend a relax and creative time with the kids? Well, I can help! Here you will find very easy to make projects with the kids or why not! to surprise them. Step by step tutorials so you do not miss anything and if you have doubts-questions send me an email or connect with me on social media, I´ll be happy to help!

The creative spark came back again when my oldest princess was born and felt a huge desire to do things for her first birthday, Christmas, first school day and since then has been a non-stop. I say again because I always loved to create, I remember doing some sunflower hair clips for my school friends in primary school, as well bracelets and all kinds of crafty things.

But as we grow up we leave behind those things that make us happy and enjoy doing, for things for pragmatic and less playful. So I invite you to join this community!

Sign-up for my ever-evergrowing Resource Library and get mini-ebooks, printable, helpful checklist and much more!

I'm still learning, but creativity is like a muscle that must be exercised, so dust off those creative neurons and let´s have a great time, learning and developing our creative side.